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About us

Welcome to Finexus Inc, a software development company that creates innovative solutions for financial organizations, led by experienced MIT-trained founders, focused on providing exceptional software solutions to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs for clients.

Tailored fit solutions

At Finexus Inc we understand the unique challenges faced by financial organizations therefore we customize software solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Commitment to excellence

We are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our clients, Achieving mutual success through our dedication to excellence is our goal.

Innovation is the new normal

At Finexus Inc, our passionate team continuously pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the financial software industry through innovation.

Finexus Inc: Your Reliable and Innovative Partner for Financial Software Development

At Finexus Inc, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and products. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, and we work hard to ensure that every project we undertake is a success. If you are looking for a reliable and innovative software development company for your financial organization, look no further than Finexus Inc.

How it all begun

By- Dhiman Bhattacharjee (Co-founder, Finexus inc.)

As a software product developer for a lending solutions provider, I had the privilege of working with alternative finance lenders, designing and implementing lending solutions on the Salesforce platform. Witnessing the transformative power of technology in streamlining their business processes, I became passionate about digitizing lending procedures and enabling organizations to become more agile.

Driven by this passion, I ventured out as an independent consultant, collaborating with alt-fi lenders on business transformations. During one of these projects, I had the pleasure of working with Krishna, who, like me, was an independent contractor. Together, we realized that by joining forces, we could achieve even greater things.

And so, we founded Finexus.

From our humble beginnings, we began bidding on business transformation projects for lenders, quickly growing our team, and expanding our reach. With our first project under our belts, we established a team for execution primarily based in India. As we took on more projects, our team grew, and we knew it was time to centralize our operations. In 2022, we opened an office in Pune, India, to streamline and focus our efforts.

As we worked with customers, we realized that the available lending products lacked some essential functionalities that our customers required. So, we created a specialized team within the organization to build our own products. Our product vision is to revolutionize the lending industry and change the way lending works today.

Every day, we listen intently to our customers, using their feedback to create new features and services that meet their demands. We believe that improving the borrower experience and continuously learning are guiding principles that help us achieve our mission.

Meet our team

Dhiman Bhattacharjee
CEO & Co-Founder

Dhiman worked in the lending space for many years, first in product management for a lending software solution provider followed by a stint as an independent solution consultant with various lenders. During this period, he experienced how lending businesses can be streamlined with a combination of smart solutions, business process changes, and sound execution. He wanted to use his experience and observation to improve results for his customers, that’s how Finexus Inc. was born. It used a consultative approach to lending solution implementations with great success. Using all his learnings, he is now concentrating on software development along with solution implementation.

Dhiman is a big proponent of utilizing the Salesforce platform for building lending solutions as it can provide significant benefits for lenders, including improved efficiency, enhanced customer experience, scalability, compliance, and analytics.

Krishnakumar KR
COO & Co-founder

Krishnakumar KR is an accomplished business leader with a wealth of experience in product development, revenue management, and professional services. As the Co-Founder at Finexus Inc. He is the driving force behind the company's growth and success.

He brings strong business acumen and a deep understanding of market trends to his work, enabling him to develop innovative strategies that drive growth and profitability.

Krishnakumar also served as the Head of Professional Services at Cloud Lending Solutions, where he introduced significant efficiency improvements via improved testing and simplified deployment and support. He developed and managed processes that provided both high levels of customer satisfaction and commercial success. Krishnakumar's commitment to delivering exceptional results and driving business growth has earned him a reputation as a results-oriented leader.

Krishnakumar is highly adaptable and committed to finding innovative solutions to complex challenges. His track record of success in driving business growth and delivering successful results makes him an invaluable member of the Finexus Inc. team.

Avinash Tompe

As a talented and experienced UI Lead, Tushar is dedicated to creating exceptional user experiences by designing intuitive and visually appealing interfaces. Tushar possesses a deep understanding of user-centered design principles, information architecture, and interaction design, which allows him to craft compelling user interfaces that deliver outstanding results. Tushar is known for his ability to lead and mentor teams, collaborate with stakeholders, and effectively communicate design concepts, making him a valuable asset in any UI project.

Kaushal Devda
Product lead

Kaushal Devda is a highly skilled IT professional based in Toronto, Canada, in the Financial Technologies industry. He is an expert in Salesforce, a cloud-based customer relationship management platform, and has developed deep expertise in developing lending solutions. Throughout his career, Kaushal has demonstrated a strong commitment to helping businesses leverage technology to drive growth and improve the customer experience. He has a deep understanding of the financial industry and has used his expertise in Salesforce to build customized lending solutions that meet the unique needs of his clients. Kaushal's passion for technology and his drive to continuously learn and improve have earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor and thought leader in the IT industry. He is known for his ability to communicate technical concepts in a clear and concise manner, and he works closely with clients to understand their needs and develop solutions that deliver real value. In addition to his technical skills, Kaushal is also a skilled project manager and team leader. He has managed teams of developers and other IT professionals, guiding them towards successful project outcomes and helping them grow in their careers. Kaushal is an active member of the IT community in Toronto, and he is always looking for opportunities to network and learn from other professionals in his field. He has attended numerous industry conferences and events, and he is always on the lookout for new technologies and trends that can help his clients stay ahead of the curve. Overall, Kaushal Devda is a highly experienced and accomplished IT professional with a wealth of experience in the Financial Technologies industry. He has a particular expertise in developing lending solutions using Salesforce, and he is committed to helping businesses achieve their goals through the strategic use of technology.

Abhijit Ingole
Business Development Lead

Abhijit brings extensive experience in business development across multiple industries.

As a seasoned business development professional, Abhijit has a wealth of experience working with companies in the petroleum, ed tech, and IT industries. With a keen understanding of market trends and customer needs, Abhijit has successfully helped businesses grow and thrive.

Over the course of his career, Abhijit has gained experience in a variety of business development functions, including market analysis, strategic planning, and execution. His ability to identify opportunities and create value has made him a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes.

In his free time, Abhijit indulges in his passions for literature, sports, and music. As a passionate Manchester United fan, he dreams of attending a Manchester United match at Old Trafford someday. Abhijit satisfies his passion for nature by embarking on trips and exploring scenic routes through trekking and hiking.

Abhijit’s extensive experience in business development, combined with his diverse interests and experiences, makes him a valuable addition to any organization. His ability to drive growth and create value for businesses is matched only by his commitment to excellence.

Akhilesh Kamate
Support Lead

Akhilesh is a highly experienced professional in software development, implementation, deployment, and management. He has a diverse skillset that includes proficiency in .Net, Salesforce, and Microservices, making him a valuable asset to any development team. Recently, Akhilesh has expanded his expertise into DevOps, bringing his experience and knowledge to the implementation of DevOps practices in software development projects. In his free time, Akhilesh enjoys spending time with his family and pursuing his passion for cooking. With a commitment to excellence and a drive to continuously learn and improve, Akhilesh is an asset to any organization he joins.

Ashish Kumar
Tech Lead

Ashish Kumar is a skilled Salesforce developer and administrator. He has a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and has successfully implemented complex business solutions for his clients. In addition to his expertise in Salesforce, Ashish also has hands-on experience in React and Python, having worked on several projects in these technologies.

In his free time, Ashish enjoys reading books, particularly fiction, and staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in technology by reading blogs and articles. His passion for learning and exploration is evident in his work and personal life, and he is constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Prasuna P
Tech Lead

Prasuna Pemmasani is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse range of skills and experience in the field of technology. She is a seasoned leader , with a track record of successfully leading teams and driving growth in multiple organizations.

She has worked for several Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, Tech Mahindra, and Happiest Minds, where she held various leadership positions and was responsible for developing and launching several successful services.

Prasuna is also an active member of the technology community, frequently speaking at industry events and conferences. She is passionate about mentoring and empowering young women in technology and is actively involved in several organizations that promote diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

Rakesh Rajan
UI/UX Lead

As a talented and experienced UI/UX Lead, Rakesh is dedicated to creating exceptional user experiences by designing intuitive and visually appealing interfaces. Rakesh possesses a deep understanding of user-centered design principles, information architecture, and interaction design, which allows him to craft compelling user interfaces that deliver outstanding results. Rakesh is known for his ability to lead and mentor teams, collaborate with stakeholders, and effectively communicate design concepts, making him a valuable asset in any UI/UX project.

Sandesh Kirave
QA Lead

Sandesh is a skilled testing professional. His expertise lies in ensuring high-quality software by testing and identifying issues and bugs, while also developing test plans and strategies. Recently, Sandesh has expanded his knowledge and skills by learning and implementing automation testing in Salesforce. He has shown great dedication and commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest testing technologies, always striving to improve his skills. In his free time, Sandesh enjoys exploring new automation testing techniques and watching videos on regional and international affairs. With a passion for technology and a drive for excellence, Sandesh is a valuable addition to any team.

Shubham S
Implementation Lead

Meet Shubham Shukla, our Lead Software Engineer, who has been an integral part of our team for the past few years. Shubham has gained extensive industry experience in salesforce application implementation in diverse domains such as Finance, Education, Healthcare, and others.

With his strong technical skills and problem-solving abilities, Shubham has successfully implemented complex projects, driving our company's growth and success. He is highly passionate about his work and strives to enhance his skills continuously. When he is not working, you can find him either on the cricket ground or playing games on his PlayStation.

Shubham's goal is to grow his personal and professional network and become an industry expert. With his dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm towards his work, we are confident that he will achieve great heights in his career.

Vaibhav Tompe
Tech Lead

Vaibhav is a certified Salesforce developer and has a strong background in designing and implementing custom solutions using Salesforce technology. In his free time, Vaibhav is passionate about staying up to date with the latest developments in the tech industry and expanding his skill set. Recently, he has started exploring Python, machine learning and is excited to apply this new knowledge to his work. Vaibhav is a dedicated professional who is committed to delivering high-quality results and providing exceptional customer service.

Proven Track Record
Proven Track Record

Finexus has been delivering high-quality software solutions to clients across a range of industries over the years, while maintaining a high level of quality and within the budget.

Growing Market Demand
Growing Market Demand

The lending industry has undergone significant changes in recent years with the shift towards digitization and automation. Finexus Inc. is well-equipped to meet this demand for software technologies in lending.

Strong Technical Expertise
Strong Technical Expertise

Our team of software developers is an expert in the latest salesforce technologies, tools, and programming languages. With a deep understanding of the lending industry, including regulatory and compliance requirements.

Diverse Client Base
Diverse Client Base

We have developed software technologies that are highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different types of lenders and borrowers.

Market Differentiation
Market Differentiation

Our software technologies offer an efficient and seamless way for lenders to process loan applications and streamline other aspects of lending operations. We develop customized solutions that meet clients’ specific needs from one-size-fits-all solutions.

Market Differentiation

Our solutions can accommodate a growing number of users, transactions, and data volumes without compromising performance or functionality.

Experienced Management Team
Experienced Management Team

Our management team comprises MIT-trained experienced professionals and founders who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. With their combined expertise and experience, we deliver innovative solutions for both lenders and borrowers.

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