Finexus Partners

Our exclusive partnerships help us change the game for our customers and drive growth for all
stakeholders. We work with our alliance partners to help our customers.

We leverage technology provided by partners to impact our customers positively.
We develop and deploy innovative solutions using partner-provided technologies.
We Help our customers with digital
loan management system

Cloud Lending Solutions

In addition, we have developed unique IPs using our partner-provided technologies to enable customers in the lending and banking sector to differentiate and accelerate time to market.

Q2 CL Portal

Configurable front-end portal that provides a differentiated borrowing experience for consumer, commercial and small business loans for borrowers, investors and stakeholders

Q2 CL Originate

Customer-centric, agile loan origination and underwriting solution

Designed to meet the needs of consumer, commercial, small business, marketplace, or peer-to-peer, and lending

Manages the entire origination and underwriting process including loan file management, workflows, auto-decisioning, parties management, credit memo, credit analysis, approvals and covenants

Q2 CL Loan

Loan servicing application that automates loan billing, payments, collections, and accounting within one robust, flexible, and secure platform

Manages portfolios, increases transaction volume, and rapidly brings new products to market

Q2 CL Marketplace

Cloud-based marketplace application designed to handle the complexities of managing the entire online marketplace, or peer-to-peer, loan cycle, including online origination, loan fractionalization, servicing, and managing multiple investor portfolios.

Our value proposition

Finexus is a system integration partner of Q2 Cloud Lending

Trained technical resources who are experts in the Q2 Cloud lending platform

Premier vendor relationship with dedicated support

Qualified lending domain experts as business analysts

Readily available and affordable pool of skilled resources

Privileged access to Q2 CL architectural expertise, development resources, and configuration assistance

Multiple Q2 CL implementations in North America and elsewhere

loan management system
loan management system

Salesforce – Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partnership

loan management system

Salesforce Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partnership program is designed for software companies to build and sell applications on the Salesforce platform. ISVs are independent software vendors that provide complementary solutions to the Salesforce ecosystem.

As part of the Salesforce ISV partnership, we have multiple applications currently listed in the Salesforce app exchange, and several others are in the pipeline.

app exchange