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Ready to take your lending business to the next level?

Some of the integrations we offer include Plaid, Transunion, Experian, Twilio, five9 Dialer, Quickbooks, and Conga. These integrations provide a seamless user experience and streamline business operations. For example, our integration with Plaid allows easy access and verification of bank account information, simplifying the loan approval process.


Plaid integration streamlines loan origination, enabling secure bank account connections for automated financial verification, expediting approvals and reducing manual entry.

Finexus enhances loan origination with TransUnion partnership, granting access to robust credit reports for informed lending decisions, boosting efficiency.


Conga integration enhances lending with streamlined document automation, error reduction, compliance, and efficient loan workflow management. Contact us for details.

Five9 integration enhances loan solutions, streamlining borrower call management, minimizing wait times, and providing advanced call center capabilities.


QuickBooks integration streamlines loan payments, enhances financial tracking, reduces errors, and improves borrower experience with efficient, secure transactions.


Twilio-integrated loan solutions empower lenders to send SMS updates and utilize advanced features for borrower communication.

Our Experian integration offers real-time credit reports and data analytics for informed lending decisions, streamlining credit verification and loan approvals.

Streamline Your Lending Business with Finexus' Comprehensive Integrations

improve your lending operations with Finexus Contact us today to learn more about how our integrations can benefit your business.

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